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Our youth work

If you ask us there are endless good reasons to join one and above all our association.

Club life - that means solidarity.

Standing up for values together, achieving goals together and making new friends on the side.  

Club life develops character - it demands and promotes and that is precisely why youth work is so important to us. From the beginning we wanted to bring interested young musicians and newcomers closer to music. Even if making music clearly comes first, our youngsters also learn completely different skills and abilities for life - openness, willingness to compromise, a sense of responsibility, solidarity; oh yes, we could go on and on with this list ...

We regularly organize various leisure activities and are always by our side. In our youth rehearsals we concentrate exclusively on our youngest club members.

True to the motto "Everything can, nothing has to", you can of course take a look at our rehearsal and get an insight.

"When do you rehearse", "I have no instrument at all", "What is all the fun supposed to cost?", "Do I really have to come to EVERY rehearsal" - ok, ok, questions after questions, but that's why we have you for that The FAQ has been set up and if your question is not there, you can contact us at any time by phone, email or using our contact form.

Oh yes, here  long to the FAQ and  here to our contact details here

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