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Hey you!

Welcome to the homepage of the Musikverein Wiesental eV in beautiful Hagen am Teutoburg Forest.

Tradition meets modernity!

This is what our association stands for, for a long tradition without the outdated and stiff "we have always done this".

Because if you don't keep up with the times, you keep up with the times and our longstanding existence shows that the balancing act works.

So on the following pages you can find out something about our club history, our musicians and their instruments, what defines our club life (spoilers, it's not always about making music) and what you can hopefully expect as a "soon-to-be-member".

Wiesental Logo_edited.png

What's been going on here lately ...

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... and what's going to happen in the near future


 Our history, our board, our musicians

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Impressions and audio samples

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Trial dates and contact form

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