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Tradition meets modernity


100 years of the Musikverein Wiesental eV

On December 7th, 1913 Heinrich Plogmann founded the "Drummer and Piper Choir" in the Hagen-Mentrup shooting club - his brother Friedrich joined the choir as the first member and a long and traditional history found its origin.

100 years of club life - 100 years in which no World War 1 and 2, no stock market crash, no global economic crisis, no fall of the Berlin Wall, no revolutionary technology such as the automobile, cell phone or computer let our club life play the last note.

Instead, our association grew more and more, we found a new name, incorporated a women's fan club, got to know music friends from all over the world, made friendships that continue to this day, celebrated many, many anniversaries, bought instruments and dressed ourselves in brand new clothes.

In times of turmoil, fear and instability, one thing was always there - the music. Even when it played very softly or even fell silent, the music and our club were always there (in our hearts).

We are all the more proud to look back on our long history full of ups and downs and we look forward to many more years.

And if you feel like a chronological review, click here; if you feel like writing "music history" for the next 100 years, click here.

Or scroll down, you will come directly to our board of directors or our association members.


Über uns

Our contact persons for club life, business of the club and our club members and those who would like to become one

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Without a musician there is no music association, very simple! But who is actually behind our music association? How did you come to us, what fascinates you so much about music and why, of all things, our Musikverein - these and other questions are answered by our musicians on "Our Musicians"

Youth work has been a matter close to the heart of our association since it was founded.

Young musicians and interested newcomers are closely accompanied and promoted by our youth leaders and youth speakers - but just take a look under "our youth work" for yourself what to expect

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